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Dorothy H. Brown Scholarship

Congratulations, Korbin Tinsley, who was awarded the Dorothy H. Brown Scholarship 2013!

Dorothy H. Brown came to this community from her home in Centreville, Maryland at 34 years of age and was hired as a third grade teacher in the Caesar Rodney School District on September 1, 1930. She lived in Wyoming and joined Wyoming United Methodist Church. She was an active member of the Church and the women’s organization and a much-loved third-grade teacher. Many of our congregation had Miss Brown as an elementary school teacher. After 34 years of teaching many third graders, she retired from Caesar Rodney on June 30, 1964 at the age of 68. “Dot” stayed in the community and remained an active member and regular attendee of our Church. She loved to play Bridge, to travel, and to entertain. When she died on June 10, 1983, she had reached the age of 87.

After Dot’s death her sister, Miriam B. Wilkins established the

Dorothy H. Brown Educational Scholarship

with love and respect for Dot’s many contributions to the work of public education, to which she untiringly devoted her life.
The fund is to be held and managed by the Wyoming United Methodist Church.
The seven thousand Dollar principal is held in a C.D. at Merrill Lynch in Dover. Only the interest is to be used. The principal is to remain invested.

Qualifications for the Scholarship:

  1. The student shall be a graduating senior from Caesar Rodney High School and pursue a college education.
  2. The student shall be an active member of Wyoming United Methodist Church. However, if this is not possible, it shall be any senior who further qualifies.
  3. The student shall have exhibited exemplary citizenship.
  4. The student shall have maintained a B average academically. The grade point may be in the 87 – 88 range.
  5. The student shall have some degree of Church/Community involvement and leadership.
  6. The student shall exhibit a financial need to support a college education.

Any student interested in the scholarship should submit a letter through their school guidance counselor addressed to the Senior Pastor of Wyoming United Methodist Church.

The scholarship will be awarded during the Awards Assembly in June of each year.