216 Wyoming Mill Road - Dover, DE 19904 Sundays: 8:30am (Praise) | 9:45pm (Worship Together!)| 11:00am (Traditional)

I Love My Church BECAUSE…


“What a wonderful experience we had (with our group) in your Family Life Center! Your kitchen people (catering the event) were so very friendly, the food was delicious, everything was set up beautifully, the person in charge of the sound was so helpful, please tell your pastor how very happy we were!” (facilities use for Women’s Conference)


October is pastor appreciation month! So here’s a shout-out to two amazing pastors Rick Wessell and Dave Hill! You both have made such a difference in my family and my lives. Thank you both for always being there and helping me grow stronger in my faith. I love that I have found a church I can call home and a church family that I have grown to love and adore!!

Your church is very beautiful and the people are very nice. My husband and I have been there for the concerts and just got the tickets for the David Dunn concert in October. We’re looking forward to that.

Beautiful church and people. My 4 year old granddaughter said she wished she could go every day!

We just moved to the area and couldn’t be happier as a member at Wyoming Methodist Church.

She was super excited to be baptised. Thank you for helping make this moment possible!
Mom of 7-year-old girl after her baptism.

Thank you for facilitating my transportation. I was blessed by the welcoming servant hearted spirits. 
Grace and Peace, Rev. Powell

I love you folks at Wyoming UMC! Whenever I have the opportunity to play the organ for you again, please come up and introduce (or re-introduce) yourselves to me. I always enjoy talking with you, and many times have been delighted to have you speak to me at Walmart, Walgreens, or other business establishments or restaurants! (Leona Hutchins, substitute organist)

To a recent Eagle Scout: “Proud of you and proud that Wyoming has a Scout troop. It is one of the best things a young man can do to grow into manhood the right way.”

Thank you again!! The support of our church family is truly overwhelming.

Thanks everybody!! My daughter Karissa had a great birthday and was even treated to singing by everyone at our church’s Shrove Tuesday dinner/puppet show which she said made it the best birthday ever!!! 🙂 Thank you Wyoming United Methodist Church family- we love you!!

What a beautiful fellowship hall at the Wyoming Methodist Church in Wyoming, Delaware! Large, clean, bright and airy, and the lighting was fabulous, just made for quilters! (Bonnie Hunter, master quilter after a quilting workshop on September 26/27, 2016)

johnwesleyquoteI had to take a photo of this because my mom has instilled this in me from as far back as I can remember.  I really believe the world would be such a much better place if we ALL took this to heart and put it into practice.






(Courtesy John Sell)

We got Bible school; we got Soup Days,
Ski trips, lock-ins and Kids’ Praise
We got Sunday School; we got bell ringers
A choir filled with good singers,
And the sound techs have their special place to perch
Mmm-mm-m… I love this church!

We host boy scouts; we got book talks,
Movie nights and early bird walks
We got softball; we got greeters
Spaghetti dinners for the eaters,
And the emails come so much sometimes it hurts
Mmm-mm-m… I love this church!    

I like free time; I like the weekend,
I like to head on down to Walmart
For some shoppin’ now and then…
But I love this church;  it’s my kind of place,
Just walkin’ through the Narthex puts a big smile on my face.
I try to get here first, Through the door I burst –
Mmm-mm-m… I love this church!

We got Brad Whitenight playing day to night
And Janna’s singin’ is out a sight. 
We got guitars; we got drummers,
Loud singers and hummers.
And Dave Hill just might dance right out of his shirt
Mmm-mm-m…  I love this church! 

We got lots of space; a tall steeple
An overhang for cars and people!
We got acolytes and we got signers
old members and first timers

And Pastor’s sermons always quench my thirst
Mmm-mm-m… I love this church!


We have not attended any services but, we did attend the concert with Big Daddy Weave, Jordan Feliz, and Plumb. The concert was awesome and would love to attend more functions. Thank You for responding back to me so, fast. Have a Blessed Day!

…I am not a member but my daughter attended several events there and enjoys it.

Who is the lady that makes phonecalls on people’s birthdays ? I celebrated my 40th birthday on Saturday and nobody in my family had remembered or bothered even calling or sending a card. And then that call came in from the church… oh how very nice that was! After all, SOMEbody had remembered me and was thinking of me on that important day.

The warm spirit when i walk in here with my students for work. Today we work in the sanctuary, where all praises started,we have to praise him through the good and singing his songs, we sometimes have to sing through sadness. because without we are nothing. By the Grace of God we are still here. JESUS IS REAL I KNOW HE IS REAL TO ME. HAVE A BLESSED DAY.

I love the friendly people and the church’s involvement with the whole community!

I always feel welcomed here! (at a recent new member class)

We just started attending Wyoming Church and then saw all your cheerful faces in the Wyoming Peach Fest Parade (on August 1st, part of the 150th church anniversary celebration) – that really got us ‘hooked’!

Shout out to Wyoming United Methodist Church. My Autumn enjoyed having somewhere to go tonight. Thanks everyone! (ARC of Delaware movie night ‘Christmas in July’)

Thank you for your messages and personal notes following our visit to Wyoming Church last Sunday.  My husband and I met with a warmth and outgoing kindness which found us coming home feeling refreshed.  Thank you.  We are going away today until early next week but plan to return to Wyoming Church very soon. Thank you for sharing your bounty of love of the Lord.


20150623_211422 20150623_211435 20150623_211446 20150623_211457VBS 2015 – notes on the ‘Graffiti Wall’















Wyoming Church always gave me what I needed when I needed it. (2015 graduate)

Coming to Wyoming Church feels like coming home. (2015 graduate)

At my baptism 15 years ago, you (the congregation) promised to “…surround this girl with a community of love and forgiveness, that she may grow in her service to others. We will pray for her, that she may be a true disciple who walks in the way that leads to life.” Today, 15 years later (at my high school graduation), I want to say to you: Thanks! Job well done!

Sending a heart-felt thank you to our wonderful congregation for all the prayers, cards, calls and visits after my fall. We are so blessed to be part of such a caring congregation!

My church family is always there for me in good times and bad times. My church restores my soul!

…it provides me with the one hour/week that is truly peaceful, where I can be thankful to God and His Son, and reflect on all my blessings.

Patti’s sermons are awesome. I am consistently able to take something from them that makes me better and more reflective of my life and intentions. She has a masterful understanding of the human condition and how we can all get closer to God.

Dear Pastor Collett,
I received your note and I want you to know that I received a hearty and warm welcome when I arrived there on Sunday morning, April 12, 2015.
Prior to the service, I was able to chat with Pastor Dave Hill and I knew that the Lord was very present there.  The service was uplifting and it was my joy to share the holy meal with my Wyoming brothers and sisters in Christ.
When I visit Dover again, I will be coming back to worship with you.  I pray that God continues to bless your ministry there at the Wyoming United Methodist Church.
God bless,
Pastor O. W. Wharton, Wayland UMC, Wayland, NY

…it reminds me of God’s love for each of us, reflected in the sermon as well as the concern of the Christians for one another. Thank you for these wonderful blessings!

…for always having open arms and hearts! I can be myself and maintain hope for peace and comfort for all! 🙂

… the prayer cards, groups, and support; the creativity of programs and activities, such as children’s messages and sermons, the daily array of valuable and uplifting activities, the fun dinners and gatherings, the Soup Days, the phone calls to new folks; the aesthetic beauty here: new brilliant blue choir robes, lovely wall decor like the current stunning butterflies in gold, blues, tangerine plus the ‘Victory’ and ‘Alleluia’; the flexibility of the service and its folks/leaders such as how the pastor (Patti) can be part of the choir, the congregation, the pulpit and more!

…from the first time I walked in I felt very comfortable and everyone was so welcoming. I felt I belonged.

…whenever I come I always feel better. In my times of darkness I feel there’s light. I love my church!

it brings me peace and I love the songs they bring me closer to God. Meeting my friends and sharing. It is a special part of my week.

…Like most families we don’t always agree with each other. Sometimes things are said that shouldn’t be… But at the end of the day, it’s where I want to be… it’s home.

…I feel so at peace when I walk into the doors. The greeters of my church family and friends. I love the preaching and the greatness I see in it. This church is my go-to for love, friendship, fellowship and most important – the word of God.

Wyoming UMC gives me guidance as I try to understand how to follow Christ and lots of opportunities to serve others as He would have me do.

…it is a special time for my family to worship together and share in the joys and blessings God has given us. Our church family is our stronghold and our children are surrounded by an environment that supports their growth in faith and Christ.

…I feel immediate peace when entering the building, greeted by friendly, welcoming people. It is a quiet time for my husband and I to share loving feelings without talking. It feels good to be in the presence of others who feel peace and joy as we do. The time spent listening to the sermon also gives me time for reflection. I truly feel at peace in my church.

Everyone is encouraged to use their gifts – we each have something to contribute to the ministries at WUMC. New ideas are supported, for example CIA (Couples In Action) and MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers).

It makes me feel happy. I like the people. I feel great!

They helped to help “raise up my children in the way they should go”. Its warmth, caring Outreach is of God’s design.

because of the love I feel, being with all the people, their joy makes me feel happy and loved. In times of sadness, they include you in their arms.

…fellowship with others. Plain, simple message of salvation. Outreach to those outside the church.

…for the friendliness, support, Christian encouragement that we have found here. Also to hear the gospel, see the gospel and be part of the gospel of Christ Jesus our Savior. There’s a place for everyone at WUMC.

…much gratitude for WUMC with its countless opportunities for…
…Christian learning thru worship, study, action, prayer…
…fellowship, like the Progressive Dinner with all the good exchanges, hospitality of the hosts, fine food, and joyful spirit extended to all, newcomers and long-time members alike.

…It brings me closer to God. It makes my week start out right, it  gives me the strength to help my patients in their hour of need.

VBS was always a great program for kids and volunteers! (LeeAnne)

it gives me comfort in times of sorrow and need.

it makes me feel welcome and helps me understand God. Welcome Everyone!

…the love of Christ has been shown to our family through caring, action and loving words of the church family.

…we overcome attitudes of racism, love others in the name of Jesus. We do for others in the name of Jesus. It gives me a purpose. It’s putting me in situations I would never go on my own.

it pushes me to grow in love and service to God.

…it provides for me a ‘church family’, people who truly care, love me and truly pray for me in all circumstances.

it’s my home. I bring my joys and troubles here, knowing I can share them.

I find Christ’s love in every ministry here. Our church family is always willing to go out of our comfort zone and be the hands and feet of Christ. (Betsy Freidel)

our church is a candle of hope in the darkness. Hope is nurtured here and love is shared. “He restoreth my soul and leads me in the paths of righteousness.” We are at our best here and reminded of God’s promise of love and peace.

…loving and supportive community of believers. We serve our community – children, homeless, etc.

…because both my teenage boys keep wonderful friendships in MYF groups. (Renate P.)

…because of the fellowship with other Christians.

When I consider that question, three words come to my mind: foundation, opportunity and fellowship.
Foundation:  Through the years of attending this church (about 40 years!), my faith has been nurtured, confirmed and expanded in so many ways.  Through the preaching and teaching of pastors, attending Adult Sunday School classes, frequent Bible studies, prayer groups and the sharing with others in conversation, my questions have been answered and my faith strengthened.

Opportunity:  Wyoming Church has given me the opportunity in so many ways to live out my faith by sharing it and helping others.  Whether teaching Sunday School, leading VBS, working for Soup Day, participating financially or physically in mission to those in need in our community and world, or praying for the needs of others, God is always bringing new ways to serve through this church.

Fellowship:  My closest and dearest friends are in this place.  Working and studying together allows me to both give and receive the love of Christ.  While greeting each other on Sunday morning (as if we’ve been apart for weeks!) or working so hard to plan and execute events to raise money to reduce our church debt and provide for the expansion of God’s work, deep ties are fostered so I know the needs of others and they are attuned to my needs.  I firmly believe that when anyone in our church family is in need or difficulty, there are many people here to love, support and minister to them and their families.  This place, Wyoming Church, is where God calls us to both support each other in difficulty and rejoice with each other over the joys of Christian life. (Karen)

…I have friends here that I have made over the years, also I love to work with the kids in Sunday School and help them learn about God.



…it’s the best church of my life because we learn to help and care for people.
Airyanna, 6

…I get to sing songs and play with my friends in Sunday School (Jane, 3)

…it’s time for God. We get to sing. (4)

…I have friends. I get to play in the Family Life Center. Time for Jesus. I get to pray. I get to sing. (Natalie, Kindergarten)

…I love to sing hymns and songs. (Payton, 4)

it has a lot of nice people. (Will, 10)

…it has a youth room and they love me and it is a place to praise Jesus. (anon., 11)

it is a great place for kids! (anon., 11)

…they got a youth room and 1 to 5 Alive (program) and they love me. (Carlton, 10)

…Carleigh comes to church. (Bella, 4)

I like to be with my friends and drawing in Sonday School. (Elaina, 3)

…I love singing songs at Kids Praise, I love everything here, I love Bible stories, I love playing. (Zach, 4)

…I love my Sunday School class, I love to hear stories of Jesus, I love my friends. (Dakota, 4)

…I love to play, I love to sing, I love my friends, I love my teachers. (Maddy, 3)

…I love to play, I love toys we have, I love the Bible story, I love to sing. (Caffrey, 3)


…of the way my mother and I were accepted by the congregation. Members would go up to mother in her wheelchair and speak with her, and when she died, the church was a huge help with the funeral and helping me dispose of her belongings.

January, 2015

My name is Denise and I am Mike M’s sister, I live in Cape May N.J. I and my family wish to thank you all for your love and support that you and the church family have shown Mike, Stacy and the baby during this hard time. Once again thank you all!

January, 2015
As many of you know my health situation gave me a little “bump” in the road a few months ago but I am doing fine and remain so very thankful to my church family for the support, love, encouragement and prayers you have given me. A reminder once again of how blessed we are to be a part of WUMC


January, 2015
Mike and I would again like to say a huge thank you to our entire church family for all of your help and prayers during the past couple months. We feel so blessed to be part of the Wyoming Church family! You have all rallied around us, providing much needed help with transportation to and from radiation, meals, help with selling our house, offers of help with childcare, and of course prayers. At the time I am writing this, Mike is on week 2 out of 3 weeks of whole brain radiation. He won’t be able to start a new round of immunotherapy until after his radiation has been completed and he has been weened off the steroid which he is on to decrease swelling in the brain during and after treatment. Thank you all so much for your continued prayers and support!
Mike, Stacy and Ashlynn

January 23, 2015
Two of the (homeless) men told us last night that they really like it at Wyoming.  They said we make them feel welcome and treat them like people.  One of the men said that at some of the other locations, they feel like they are treated like they are homeless, with little interaction.  Oh, we have good food, too!
Amy, Code Purple Coordinator

January, 2015
We would like to thank our Wyoming Church friends for all the expressions of sympathy, flowers, food, cards and hugs. We have been blessed by the overwhelming support after our recent loss – God bless you all, The Family of David B.

December, 2014
Dear CIA Carolers,  Babe and I thoroughly enjoyed your visit to sing Christmas songs to us just before Christmas Eve. The support we receive from our church family is a blessing!  Thanks to all, especially Brad Whitenight and Pastor Patti.  In Christ’s Love,  Dotty (with home-bound husband Babe)

(after the Reenactment of an 1865 Christmas Eve Service on December 21, 2014)
…AND we are looking forward to the next 150!!!  You and your 150th Church Anniversary Team have really done a wonderful job making it very special.  Sig

(after the Reenactment of an 1865 Christmas Eve Service on December 21, 2014)
…Everything you do, you do so well & so beautifully. You truly exhibit Christ’s love for people. The gal who was with me said that as she studied the people in period dress, that it seemed to her that everyone was attired in the costume that fitted their personalities. That Christmas Eve service was incredibly moving. And Patti did such a great job giving the explanations. And I am glad that Bill’s son shared his fife playing with us. That was neat too! Much love to you, and a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

(after the Reenactment of an 1865 Christmas Eve Service on December 21, 2014)
What a magnificent service last night!  Thank you for using your talents and gifts in such a way that blesses so many people!  The turnout was amazing and reminds us of the impact we do have in our community!

December, 2014
Pat, a newcomer to Wyoming Church, has been thanking God on prayer requests she submitted in writing for the warm and welcoming environment of WUMC. “Every time I return on a Sunday or for an event during the week, I feel the welcoming warmth of the people at Wyoming Church even more. The publications, the welcoming card and email you sent me, the way people walk up to me and greet me Sunday morning.”

November, 2014
Donna and I just returned home from my semi-annual followup appointment day at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia.  The oncologist in charge of my doctors there came in the room and told us that after looking over all the test results, I am now considered cured.  Since I have had it 6 times, it was certainly music to our ears.  The combination of our faith, family, and friends has carried us through again.  I have no idea what His plan is for me, which is good because I would do something to mess it up.  That said, I do have sense enough to know that I am truly blessed.  We appreciate the many prayers that have been put forth on our behalf, and we wanted to share this news with our family at Wyoming UMC.  Please let everyone know that they are part of our Thanksgiving that we feel every day.
We wish each a very happy Thanksgiving.  Take care.
John & Donna