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Restroom Air Fresheners

Where’s the air freshener?

We’ve recently decided to try a safer, air purifying method rather than a chemical based air freshener in the church bathrooms.

Why the change?

These new air filters should work to decrease any foul odors, and still have our health and safety in mind.  No strong fragrances, chemical free, yet still effective.

  • REMOVE ODORS the powerful absorption properties of the activated charcoal can remove odors in your refrigerators, wardrobes, closet, bathroom and pet occasions and any other house corners. Activated Bamboo charcoal is the best and safest material that absorbs odors, bad smells and mold spores thus to keep your home fresh,dry and mold-free.
  • ALL NATURAL activated bamboo charcoal is an all natural ingredient used across the world since ancient times to remove odors and purify air. Activated charcoal is renewable and does not pose any risk to the environment. You can dispose it with no harm to environment.
  • REUSABLE: The charcoal bag inside the box is reusable for up two years. So it is such cash-saving health guarder. After one month use, take the charcoal bag outside. The sunlight rays will clear out the pores of the bamboo charcoal and making it powerful to absorb again.