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Ash Wednesday

True confession:  I have never been a fan of corny church signs.  A lot of local churches love to put some saying up on their sign that is funny, thought provoking, ironic, etc. in the hopes of attracting people to the church.  The first congregation that I served LOVED those sayings, and there was a team at the church whose solitary responsibility was to come up with a new saying every month.  A church I drive past on the way to our church loves these sayings as well.  One month they had up this classic:  “CH—CH.  What’s missing?  UR!”  Last summer they went with “Apply Son screen to prevent Sin Burn.”  I saw one recently at another church, however, that actually caught my attention:  “Lent is coming!  Get your ash in church.”

Ash Wednesday is coming up on Wednesday, February 14th.  For some, receiving ashes on that day is a critical part of their faith and yearly journey with the Lord.  For others, it is
a strange tradition that they have never participated in.  Beginning in the Old Testament, ashes are used as a sign of repentance.  They were an outward sign of a contrite spirit and it let other people know that you were mourning your sins.  We continue that tradition
as a means of remembering that we are human and that our means and abilities are finite.  We cannot do everything for ourselves; we need God.  More to the point, we cannot save ourselves from sin and death—only Jesus can do that for us.
The ashes remind us of our need for Christ and the hope that we have in our redemption by him.

I’m inviting you to come and receive ashes on the 14th.  There will be two
opportunities to do so:  7-8 AM and 12-1 PM.  You are invited to come to the sanctuary for a time of personal prayer and reflection, and then you may receive the ashes when you are ready.  You may come and go as you please, or you can stay and pray as long as you’d like. 

Rev. Rick Wessell


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